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Integration steps

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Why use Swiftaid?


One simple API integration

Integrate quickly in 9 simple steps.

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Fast, lightweight Gift Aid flow

Speed up your donation flow for users.


Get charity exposure

Appear on every charity dashboard within Swiftaid.


Benefit from a network effect

Only ask new donors to complete Gift Aid declarations.


Stay within current Gift Aid policy

Swiftaid works closely with HMRC to make sure all processes follow their rules and requirements.


Remove burden of GDPR compliance and record-keeping

We keep records of everything that happens so you don't have to.


Keep up to date with the future of Gift Aid

Unlock automation on other types of donation as solutions develop

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How does it work?

Integrating Swiftaid into your donation flow via a simple API makes the Gift Aid process effortless for donors.

Swiftaid recognises donors by the details linked to their Swiftaid account, for example, email address, full name and address etc.

Swiftaid then utilises authority as a donor intermediary to create Gift Aid declarations on their behalf, this is done every time they make a qualifying donation through any integrated flow.

Gift Aid claims are then sent to HMRC, and the charity receives the Gift Aid from HMRC directly.

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Integration steps

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Review the Swiftaid API developer documentation and grab some Sandbox keys to get started.

View our developer docs

Email us for an agreement to read through, sign and return.


Share your integration with us so we can check to make sure everything looks ok.


Request a test charity to be created and see your integration working in a sandbox environment.


If required, a live end to end test can be completed.

Let us know if you'd like to team up and get the word out about your new integration! Once launched, Swiftaid will also shout about your integration through our social media pages and newsletter.

JustGiving unlocked over Β£400,000 in Gift Aid for charities using this feature

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"Since building the Swiftaid integration into the JustGiving platform, an additional Β£400,000 has been unlocked for charities"

– Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager, JustGiving

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