Automate Gift Aid for your users with a simple integration.

Over £1.5 million in Gift Aid is missed every day. Together we can make this a thing of the past by giving charities the ability to collect automated Gift Aid through your platform or hardware.

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Our growing number of integrators

Swiftaid is working closely with HMRC and the charity industry to automate the entire Gift Aid process across all methods of donation.

In order to fully automate Gift Aid, Swiftaid needs to be able to work with all members of the charity industry including charities, terminal providers, app developers, fundraising platforms, banks, and more.

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Make life easier for charities

Swiftaid helps charities boost donations collected through your platform with automatic Gift Aid whilst saving them precious time. Swiftaid takes care of the entire Gift Aid process, removing the burden of admin and compliance.

Swiftaid handles the entire process:

✅ Matches a donor to their donation
✅ Creates a Gift Aid declaration
✅ Sends a claim to HMRC
✅ Keeps a record of all declarations and claims
✅ GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing

Simplicity for donors

It only takes a few minutes for a UK taxpayer to sign up and they only need to do this once. This can be done via or by embedding Swiftaid into your donation flow using our API.

Once registered, all donations made to Swiftaid supported charities through your solution will include Gift Aid. Taxpayers also benefit from a single end-of-year statement to aid with tax rebates on donations.

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Gift Aid for terminal providers

Work with us to enable Gift Aid on contactless donations.

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Gift Aid for online donation providers

Learn how Swiftaid works for online donation providers.

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"The API documentation was clear, concise and it definitely supported an easy integration into the Swiftaid platform."

Nabeel Shaikh CEO & Founder of Momentpin

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