How does Swiftaid work?

Charities must be registered with HMRC before using the Swiftaid service.

Any authorised official or responsible person can register online with Swiftaid on behalf of their organisation using the following information:

  • The official name of charity as known by HMRC
  • HMRC charity reference
  • Applicable charity commission and number

This information is used to let HMRC know they will be receiving Gift Aid claims from Swiftaid on behalf of the charity.

Charities can either work directly with Swiftaid or add their donation service provider as a donation source within their Swiftaid account. This will allow Swiftaid to:

  • Uniquely identify eligible donations through that donation source
  • Know precisely how much Gift Aid to claim
  • Ensure that Gift Aid/GASDS tax relief isn’t claimed more than once on each donation

Once registration is complete, and all information is verified, Swiftaid can begin processing Gift Aid declarations and submitting claims to HMRC on the charity’s behalf. There is no additional admin for charities. Swiftaid handles the entire Gift Aid process and HMRC pays the charity directly.

Wish to integrate Swiftaid directly into your charity website donation flow? See Swiftaid for developers.