Find more Gift Aid simply and securely

Follow these steps carefully to find Gift Aid for donations you already have whilst keeping your donor’s data safe and secure.

Before you begin, your charity must be registered for Gift Aid with HMRC in order to claim. Any donations collected before your charity was registered with HMRC cannot be included in any claims. Click here to Learn more.

1. Complete the Gift Aid Finder questionnaire

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to complete the Gift Aid Finder eligibility questionnaire. It will let you know if your charity is able to search for Gift Aid at this time and gives Swiftaid the insight required to process your donations.

Click here to begin the questionnaire.

2. Register your charity with Swiftaid

If you haven’t already, have an authorised official at your organisation simply register your charity with Swiftaid online at This creates your Swiftaid account and enables Swiftaid (Streeva Ltd) to submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC on your charity’s behalf.

Be sure to read through Swiftaid’s terms and conditions.

If your charity requires a Data Processing Agreement before submitting any data, you can simply download a version to sign and return to Swiftaid. Download Swiftaid’s DPA (Word document)

3. Download your spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet template using the links below.

Download template (CSV file)
Download template (ODS file)

4. Enter donation information

Input as much information as you can about your donations that meet the specified rules. You can include donations from the entire current tax year. The more information you can enter for each donation the more chance you will find a match.

Rules on donations

  • Do not include any donations that could be claimed under the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS) such as cash or contactless donations under £30.
  • Do not include any donations where the donor has previously indicated that the money wasn’t their own (e.g. from fundraising or collected from others).
  • Do not include any donations where the donor received anything in return.
  • Only include donations that meet the Gift Aid qualifying requirements set by HMRC. - View these requirements on the GOV.UK website.

If you need guidance filling in the spreadsheet please watch the following video.

5. Submit your spreadsheet

Once your spreadsheet is complete, simply enter your details and securely drag and drop your file here. Swiftaid will check your donations against the network of millions of UK taxpayers. Declarations will be created for all donations successfully matched and you will be informed on how much Gift Aid can be claimed.

6. Payment and claim submission

Once the look-up is complete and if any Gift Aid is found, you can then decide to proceed with the claim.

You will receive an invoice via email. Payment of the invoice triggers Swiftaid to build a claim. You will be charged 5%+VAT based on the amount of Gift Aid found.

Donors will receive a statement by the 31st May following the end of each tax year. The statement will display an itemised list of all donations for which Gift Aid may be added by Swiftaid.

Claims will only be filed once the nominee assignment with HMRC is complete and after 30 days following the statement being sent to the donors.

Your charity will receive the Gift Aid funds directly from HMRC (typically 4 weeks).

7. Download your report

You will receive a report in the same format you submitted, this report will clearly outline any donations that we managed to match. Any donations that brought up issues such as “incorrect address” will be highlighted for your information.

Use the report to update your internal systems. Swiftaid’s network continues to grow so you can resubmit at any time. Swiftaid will ignore any donations that have previously been matched in order to prevent double claiming.