DSA3 Guide

Use the following information to help fill in your donation source authorisation form

The donation source authorisation form is used to authorise Swiftaid to collect Gift Aid on eligible donations made to your organisation and confirm the following:

  1. The donation source (e.g. contactless terminal) will be used for donations only and will not be used to collect payment for the sale of goods or services.

  2. Gift Aid/GASDS tax relief is not claimed more than once on donations made through this source.

Download the DSA3 form here

1. Charity display name

Please input a name your donors will recognise when they make a donation through this source. It will show up on their personal Swiftaid dashboard.

2. HMRC Charities Reference

This is the reference your organisation was given when it registered for UK charity tax reliefs with HMRC. It usually starts with one or two letters followed by some numbers, such as AB12345. Please do not enter your Charity Commission number here if you are registered with them – this number doesn’t have any letters at the beginning.

3. Information about your contactless terminal(s)

In order for Swiftaid to identify eligible donations to your charity, we need to know the Merchant Identifiers (MIDs).

3a. Option 1 – Merchant Identifiers (MIDs)

MIDs can be requested from your terminal provider. If you can’t find them, please skip to 3b (option 2).

3b. Option 2 – Information to discover MIDs (Please note this option can take up to 30 days)
Charity address that the terminal(s) are registered to

Please supply the charity address that your terminals are registered to.

Address/Location of one of your terminal(s) (if different from charity address)

Please enter the address/location of where the terminals are situated (if different from the charity address)

4. Start Date

This is the date which we will begin adding Gift Aid to donations made through your contactless terminal(s). This must not be a date in the past.

5. Processing Fees

Swiftaid can only claim Gift Aid on the money your organisation receives for each donation. With this in mind, we need to know of any card processing fees incurred by each donation. If the whole donation is eligible, please tick the ‘The whole donation is eligible for Gift Aid’ box.

Fee example *

Donation amount£4
Card processing fee1p *
Terminal provider fee5% *
Total donation received£3.79

6. Declaration

Once all sections have been completed, an authorised official or responsible person within your organisation must read and sign the declaration.

Please email your completed form to

Or by post: Swiftaid, Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7YG