Can we persuade you to stay?

We understand your desire for greater control, and we’re here to assure you that staying with Swiftaid actually bolsters your ability to efficiently manage your charitable contributions. While our primary aim is to ensure that no Gift Aid - a staggering £564 million annually - goes unclaimed, we also focus on giving you clarity and control over your donations.

Here’s why staying with Swiftaid is beneficial for you:

Annual Statements: Each year, you’ll receive a statement from us showing the Gift Aid claimed on your donations. This gives you a transparent view of the impact your contributions have made over the year.

Ease of Updating Details Life changes, and your details may too. We make it easy for you to update your information whenever necessary, ensuring your Gift Aid is always correctly attributed.

Flexibility with Your Account: If you ever wish to take a break from Gift Aid, you can. You have the flexibility to freeze and unfreeze your account whenever you choose, allowing you control over when Gift Aid is added to your donations.

Commitment to Privacy: Your privacy is of utmost importance. Rest assured, your information is used solely for processing Gift Aid on your donations.

Remember, Swiftaid is free to use. By staying with us, you’re not just simplifying the donation process; you’re actively helping charities maximise their much-needed funds.