Image of Chv1 form

CHv1 guide

Please use the information below to help fill in HMRC’s charities variations form (CHv1).

Please download the ChV1 below if you haven’t done so already.

Download CHv1 form

Page 1 – About your organisation and contact details

  1. Please fill out your charity’s details (boxes 1-5).
  2. You’ll be asked for a ‘HMRC Charities reference’ in box 2.
    • If your charity has registered for Gift Aid then this is your Gift Aid number. This usually begins with ‘X’ (‘CR’ if you’re registered in Scotland, ‘CH’ if you’re a Community Amateur Sports Club).
  3. Please also fill out your charity’s contact details (boxes 6-8).

Pages 2 – 3

You don’t need to fill anything out on these pages.

You’ll see we’ve already filled out some of our details in the top section.

Pages 4 – Declaration

  1. The two signatories must give their National Insurance numbers to enable HMRC to run a standard identity verification check, and to confirm that they have authority to appoint Swiftaid to reclaim Gift Aid on behalf of your charity.

Once all sections have been completed please email your completed form to:

Or by post:
Swiftaid, Surrey Technology Centre,
40 Occam Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7YG