Find missed Gift Aid

Find Gift Aid for donations you’ve collected over the current tax year without asking donors for declarations.


JustGiving unlocked over £400,000 in retrospective Gift Aid for the tax year ending April 2022 with Swiftaid.

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"Charities are recovering from the pandemic and face a cost-of-living crisis, so this important technological innovation will unlock a significant amount of money at the moment they need it most."

– Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager, JustGiving

A network connected to a central source for Gift Aid

When a Gift Aid declaration isn’t collected at the point of donation, charities often try to contact the donor and ask them to retrospectively complete a declaration. This takes time, money and typically isn’t very effective, and so Gift Aid is still missed.

Charities can now simply check against the millions of UK taxpayers using Swiftaid, if a match is found, a declaration is created and Gift Aid is added.

In a fraction of the time and effort, more Gift Aid can be added to donations where a donor didn’t complete or have the opportunity to provide a Gift Aid declaration.

Swiftaid is authorised to create declarations on behalf of millions of UK taxpayers.

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Have you received donations without Gift Aid declarations?

Here’s how you can use Swiftaid to find missed Gift Aid:

Plug into Swiftaid

Ask Swiftaid for Gift Aid declarations instead of asking your donors. Have your technical team plug directly into Swiftaid to generate declarations that match donations you’ve collected over the current tax year.

View Swiftaid’s API documentation


Coming soon

Upload your donations to Swiftaid

Soon you will be able to manually upload donations into Swiftaid to find Gift Aid that was missed over the current tax year. This is great for charities with limited technical resource.

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