How Swiftaid works for charities

Learn how Swiftaid works for charities who use your online platform.

Applicable for integrators that require Swiftaid to submit claims and have HMRC disburse funds directly to charities. Please Get in touch if your integration requires Gift Aid funds to be handled differently e.g. you are a foundation, grant-funding charity etc.

πŸ”’ Sign up process for Charities

A charity registers and assigns Swiftaid as a charity nominee. The charity then links a donation source by selecting their provider in their Swiftaid account.

Watch a video of the charity registration flow here

Image of a single Gift Aid declaration form

Once linked, Swiftaid will be notified every time a donation is made through that source by a donor that has signed up to Swiftaid and Gift Aid will make its way directly from HMRC to the charity automatically.

Swiftaid works as a Gift Aid nominee for UK charities and assigns Gift Aid to the relevant charity every time a qualifying donation is found, managing all records and auditing required by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


βœ… Matches a donor to their donation

βœ… Creates a Gift Aid declaration

βœ… Sends a claim to HMRC

βœ… Keeps a record of all declarations and claims

βœ… GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing

Charities can keep track of all of their Gift Aid claims in their charity dashboard by logging into their Swiftaid account.

Image of a single Gift Aid declaration form

πŸ”’ Notifications Swiftaid sends to charities

Nominee assignment letter

Every charity that assigns Swiftaid as a nominee will receive a letter from HMRC (typically within 4 weeks) confirming the nominee assignment success.

Image of a single Gift Aid declaration form