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Join the UK’s biggest hunt to find £564 million in unclaimed Gift Aid!

During the Great Gift Aid Hunt 2023, we managed to find over £1million in additional Gift Aid revenue for charities across the UK. Register your charity’s interest below to get ready for the next Great Gift Aid Hunt.

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"At first, it seemed too good to be true. But after a recent test with Swiftaid, we discovered we missed out on over £70,000 in Gift Aid over just six months."

– Rose Cashley-Field, Eden Project

Swiftaid’s Great Gift Aid Hunt is back in February with the aim of helping UK charities find £564 million in unclaimed Gift Aid.

Every year, £564 million in Gift Aid goes unclaimed, depriving charities of crucial funding. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to claim Gift Aid to support the causes that need it most. Swiftaid is making it easy for charities to claim Gift Aid and boost their income.

Last year we helped UK charities find an additional £1.3 million of Gift Aid income. The Great Gift Aid Hunt is an easy way to increase income for your charity without asking your donors for a single penny.

Supporters of The Great Gift Aid Hunt 2023

Thank you to all the charities who benefited from last year's hunt

"I would highly recommend Swiftaid, for any charity – large and small. The ease of using the product and its ability to identify unclaimed Gift Aid, with very limited resource required from the charities, makes this a hugely valuable initiative."

– Tara Honeywell, Barnardos

"Thanks to Swiftaid, we are in a far better position to claim Gift Aid on donations from wonderful supporters that would otherwise remain unclaimed or else use valuable resource to manually follow up."

– Rebekah Severn, Noah's Ark Children's Hospice

Case Studies

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What is the Gift Aid Finder?

The Gift Aid Finder tool by Swiftaid is a valuable resource for charities. It allows you to identify and claim Gift Aid on donations, even when donors haven't added it themselves. Operating within the bounds of donor intermediary legislation, Swiftaid adds an extra 25% to eligible donations on the donor’s behalf. This means more funds for your organisation without any additional burden on your donors. It's a smart and efficient way to maximise your fundraising efforts.

Here's how it works

Submit Data

Charity sends information about their donations to Swiftaid.

Match and Boost

Swiftaid pairs donations with their respective donors, sends each donor a notification detailing the match, and creates the Gift Aid declarations on their behalf.

Swiftaid Handles Claims

Swiftaid prepares and submits claims to HMRC, who then directly pays the charity.

Swiftaid is authorised to create declarations on behalf of millions of UK taxpayers

Declarations are created using clean, up-to-date donor details. Donors using Swiftaid are put through a rigorous validation process to ensure top-quality declarations are produced. Donors are checked against Swiftaid’s specific rules regarding names, addresses and other Gift Aid details. Donors need to pass this validation step before declarations can be created on their behalf.

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"It was easy to fill out the form as it was very similar to the form provided by HMRC for Gift Aid submissions. I would and will use it again. 17.43% of the total Gift Aid was matched."

– Sally Hoddell, The Atlas Foundation

Join the The Great Gift Aid Hunt 2024

Together, we can achieve an even greater impact for UK charities. Last year, we discovered an astounding £1,342,300 in Gift Aid for the charities and fundraising platforms that joined The Great Gift Aid Hunt.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your charity’s income and make a lasting difference. Whether you’re a well-established organisation or a smaller charity, you have a role to play. Register your interest below and get ready for The Great Gift Aid Hunt 2024!

Get ready for The Great Gift Aid Hunt 2024

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