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Could your charity claim more Gift Aid?

Join the hunt to find £564million in unclaimed Gift Aid! It’s easier than you think.

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How does it work?

The Great Gift Aid Hunt is an easy way to increase income for your charity without asking your donors for a single penny.

Step 1

Send us donation info

Using our template, send as much information as you can about donations that didn't include Gift Aid.
Step 2

We'll match and boost

We will work our magic and match as many donations as possible with the millions of people using Swiftaid.
Step 3

That's it!

Swiftaid prepares and submits claims to HMRC, who then directly pays your charity.

For more information on how to use the Gift Aid Finder, please read our step-by-step guide.

Swiftaid is authorised to create declarations on behalf of millions of UK taxpayers.

We are authorised to create Gift Aid declarations on behalf of millions of UK taxpayers so that your charity can benefit from more Gift Aid. Once Gift Aid is found we give donors the opportunity to opt-out before the declaration is created.

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The company behind Swiftaid

Developed by fintech company, Streeva, Swiftaid is a recognised HMRC donor intermediary and charity nominee for Gift Aid. We operate within the highest standards for information security to keep donor information safe and secure.

We are working with HMRC, the Charity Tax Group, the Charity Retail Association, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and others, to help shape the future of Gift Aid.

"I feel really excited that we are able to use new technologies to benefit those who need it most."

Beth Michael
Beth Michael

COO and Co-Founder

"I want to do something that makes a difference to everyone in a positive way."

David Michael
David Michael

CEO and Co-Founder

Supporters of The Great Gift Aid Hunt

Thank you to all the charities who benefited from last year's hunt

Frequently asked questions

  • Currently, Swiftaid can only process donations collected in the current tax year.

  • Swiftaid charges a fee of 10% (+VAT) of the claimed Gift Aid amount. For example, for every £10 claimed in Gift Aid, Swiftaid charges £1 plus VAT. There is a £10 minimum fee for any claim.

    The fee includes:
    ✅ Administration cost
    ✅ Claim processing
    ✅ Onboarding support
    ✅ Donor validation checking
    ✅ Donor support
    ✅ Record keeping for HMRC

  • The optimal time to submit your spreadsheet is the week following the 5th of April. This gives you time to rectify any issues with your submission, that Swiftaid may highlight, with plenty of time to resubmit before the deadline. Issues with submissions are uncommon, but they do happen from time to time.

    Submissions must be made by midnight on 19th April 2024, but should only include donations made before midnight on 5th April 2024.

  • Swiftaid notifies donors by email when Gift Aid is identified. Donors are provided with an opportunity to cancel the Gift Aid on donations if they so wish.

    Swiftaid operates under “Donor Intermediary Legislation” and must send an annual statement to donors by 31st May, detailing all Gift Aid added on their behalf over the previous tax year.

    Swiftaid are not required to send a statement to an individual if the total value of donations in that tax year is £20 or less or only one Gift Aided donation is made in the tax year.

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Together, we can achieve an even greater impact for UK charities. Last year, we discovered an astounding £1,342,300 in Gift Aid for the charities that joined The Great Gift Aid Hunt.

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