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Collect Gift Aid on contactless donations

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Automate Gift Aid on your website with a simple API integration

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Enjoy automated Gift Aid on a number of platforms and services using Swiftaid


How it works


To collect Gift Aid through some of Swiftaid’s integrated platforms a charity must first register and assign Swiftaid as a charity nominee with HMRC. You can do that here. The charity can then link a donation source by selecting their provider in their Swiftaid account.

Note: Some providers won’t require charities to complete these first steps as they work slightly differently, if unsure, charities can check with their providers.
Once linked, Swiftaid will be notified every time a qualifying donation is made to the charity through that provider. Gift Aid will then make its way directly from HMRC to the charity.
Donors sign up once to Swiftaid by simply adding Gift Aid to a donation on any platform integrated with Swiftaid, then, all future qualifying donations they make through the growing number of supported platforms will include Gift Aid automatically.
Swiftaid then handles the entire process:

✅ Matches a donor to their donation

✅ Creates a Gift Aid declaration

✅ Sends a claim to HMRC

✅ Keeps a record of all declarations and claims

✅ GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing

Or you can integrate with Swiftaid directly. Learn more here.

Keep track of Gift Aid

Log in to your Swiftaid account to keep track of all Gift Aid claims.

Donor privacy

Swiftaid doesn’t share personal information with charities in order to process Gift Aid, so your cause doesn’t have to manage additional data protection laws (GDPR).


How to get started

Step 1

Register your charity with HMRC (if it isn’t already).

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Step 2

An authorised official can then register your charity with Swiftaid.

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