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Swiftaid is a Gift Aid intermediary that takes care of all Gift Aid admin for both UK charities and their donors.

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How Swiftaid works

When a donation is made, Swiftaid prompts the donor to add Gift Aid with Swiftaid. Once registered, Swiftaid can boost their donations and forward the full 25% to your good cause via HMRC. Please note: Swiftaid only works with Contactless Donations. We’ll be adding support for Direct Debits, SMS and Online as soon as we can! 😅

Zero Admin

Once your charity is up and running, Swiftaid takes care of all admin. Including record keeping and auditing for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


Keep track of Gift Aid

Log in to your Swiftaid account to keep track of all Gift Aid claims.

Fees for contactless Gift Aid

For a fee Swiftaid matches a donation to the donor, creates a declaration and sends a claim to HMRC. The Gift Aid then makes its way straight from HMRC to the charity. All without the charity lifting a finger.

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Donor privacy

Swiftaid doesn’t share personal information with charities in order to process Gift Aid, so your cause doesn’t have to manage additional data protection laws (GDPR).

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