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"Gift Aid is hugely important for our charity and our partnership with Swiftaid will help make the entire claim process simple and easy."

– Samir Patel, CEO of Comic Relief

Illustration of the flow of Gift Aid claims going from Comic Relief to HMRC using Swiftaid

Comic Relief have simplified their Gift Aid claims process with Swiftaid

For an organisation of its size and complexity, the volume of transactions Comic Relief processes each year come with a huge administrative Gift Aid burden.

Now, instead of sorting through all the Gift Aid declarations from their Online and SMS donation channels, Comic Relief is simply feeding them into Swiftaid ensuring they can make accurate and timely Gift Aid claims more effortlessly.

If your charity struggles with the Gift Aid burden brought on by large numbers of donations, find out how your charity can benefit from automatic claim submissions.

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Swiftaid is for any charity…

Fed up with receiving Gift Aid qualifying donations without a Gift Aid declaration.

Trying to speed up Gift Aid income and drive down the cost of administration.

Worried about Gift Aid claims being submitted too late due to complexity and taking up too much time and money.

Fed up of missing out on Gift Aid on new donation methods like Contactless and microtransactions.

Worried that your Gift Aid process may not meet HMRC/GDPR regulatory compliance.

Tired of burning money on non-compliant solutions or wasting engineering time.

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A network connected to a central source for Gift Aid

The power of the Gift Aid network

It’s now possible to increase UK charity income by hundreds of millions of pounds each year without having to increase the cost of fundraising.

Until now, it’s not been possible because of the way Gift Aid data is stored away within charities and donation platforms.

We are the only people dedicated to creating a fully-agnostic Gift Aid network that is unlocking the missed Gift Aid held in this stored data and fully automating Gift Aid from transaction to claim.

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Who is Swiftaid?

Streeva Ltd, the company that created Swiftaid, was founded in February 2015 and is based in the UK. Swiftaid is listed on HMRC’s registered software providers and is a recognised donor intermediary and charity nominee.

Swiftaid is certified with the highest international standards for information security (ISO27001) and business continuity (ISO22301).

In February 2018, development was started on Swiftaid in partnership with the University of Surrey with the support of public funding from Innovate UK. The project successfully proved the concept to automate Gift Aid on contactless donations with Visa in November 2018. You can read a blog along with a short video here about the proof of concept event.

A graphic showing Streeva's ISO and GDPR certification, along with the Swiftaid logo and their mascot Swifty
Swiftaid mascot Swifty holds a flag, an outline of the UK is in the background. The UK is covered in hearts and the flag being held by Swifty says Gift Aid it

Swiftaid is leading the technical work on the Future of Gift Aid

Swiftaid and the work from the Future of Gift Aid has been cited by the Office of Tax Simplification report ‘Making better use of third party data: a vision for the future’, Swiftaid and the Future of Gift Aid work is mentioned on page 27 and page 63.

Learn more about the Future of Gift Aid.

How to add Gift Aid without asking the donor to complete a Gift Aid declaration

Old way

Ask the donor to complete a Gift Aid declaration the first time they donate to your charity.

Result: Gift Aid is missed where people don’t complete a Gift Aid declaration.

New way

Add Gift Aid without asking the donor to complete a Gift Aid declaration by using a donor intermediary service to create Gift Aid declarations on the donors behalf.

Result: Increase the amount of Gift Aid claimed on donations where a donor failed to or didn’t have the opportunity to provide a Gift Aid declaration.

What makes the new way possible

In April 2017, legislation was introduced to allow third parties (‘Donor Intermediaries’) to create Gift Aid declarations on behalf of individuals. An individual can give a single authorisation to allow all their donations to have Gift Aid declarations created and given to all charities automatically during the current tax year.

This authorisation can be simply captured when the individual adds Gift Aid to their first donation of the tax year.

How to ensure that your Gift Aid records containing personal information is held securely

Old way

Internally manage the record-keeping and GDPR requirements associated with personal data.

Result: Time consuming and fear of errors through HMRC audits.

New way

Store your data using the best practices backed up with third party certification.

Result: Confidence that the record keeping methods used is maintained to the highest standard.

What makes the new way possible

The use of frameworks to maintain processes surrounding the record keeping. The recommended certifications to start with are Cyber Essentials and IASME.

The ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standard accreditations ensure that your information Data Security and Business Continuity management systems are maintained to the highest standard, these areas are key requirements when managing Gift Aid.

How to fully automate the Gift Aid claims process

Old way

Heavily manual processes involved in the Gift Aid claim management.

Result: Time-consuming processes can delay or even prevent the claiming of Gift Aid and has the chance of introducing errors into the process.

New way

Fully automate the Gift Aid claims process by driving claims from the donations.

Result: Removes the overhead and human error related to the claims management process.

What makes the new way possible

HMRC provides an API to allow automated submission of Gift Aid claims. This allows a fully automated submission of claims without human intervention.

Data verification

It’s important to ensure that the Gift Aid claims meet HMRC’s requirements in order for claims to be successful.

Information such as the donors, first name, last name, house name or number, and postcode is required and needs to be checked so that it appears to be correct.

In the circumstances of overseas UK taxpayers, as much of the address as possible should be captured and passed to HMRC within the claim.

Ways your charity can use Swiftaid

Gift Aid Finder

Ask Swiftaid for declarations instead of asking your donors. Swiftaid is authorised to create Gift Aid declarations on behalf of millions of UK taxpayers. Send Gift Aid qualifying donations collected over the entire current tax year to Swiftaid and find Gift Aid that was missed.

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Collect Gift Aid on donations through your charity website

Collect Gift Aid on donations made through your charity website with a simple API integration and let Swiftaid take care of the admin.

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An image hinting at a charity website integration with Swiftaid

Collect Gift Aid through platforms using Swiftaid

Enjoy automated Gift Aid on a number of platforms and services using Swiftaid.

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Keep track of Gift Aid

Log in to your Swiftaid account to keep track of all Gift Aid claims.

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Have Swiftaid handle claim submissions for your charity

Enjoy less admin when claiming. Simply send declarations and donation information through to Swiftaid and we’ll handle the claiming process on your charity’s behalf.

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Swiftaid processing and sending Gift Aid claims to HMRC

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Frequently asked questions

  • Donors only need to sign up once and reauthorise once a year to automate Gift Aid declarations on all donations made through any supported platforms.

    Swiftaid supports a network of donors and charities and platforms. If a donor joins the network through another charity or platform; Gift Aid will automatically be added to any donations made to your charity.

    Each tax year, donors are asked to ensure their details are up to date and reauthorise Swiftaid to create declarations on their behalf. Donors can simply reauthorise Swiftaid when donating through any supported platform or within their Swiftaid account.

  • Swiftaid was established with initial funding from an Innovate UK grant and equity investment. The pricing model for Swiftaid’s partners, which include donation platforms, charities, and integrators, is based on the value of Gift Aid processed:

    • For each live donation where Swiftaid creates a Gift Aid declaration, partners are charged a fee of 5% plus VAT of the Gift Aid value.
    • For donations matched retrospectively through the Gift Aid Finder service, the fee is 10% plus VAT of the Gift Aid value. Donors themselves are not subject to any fees when using Swiftaid.

    Donors themselves are not subject to any fees when using Swiftaid.

    You can learn more about our pricing for charities and donation platforms by visiting our pricing page here.

  • Swiftaid will only add Gift Aid to donations that the charity has warranted. The charity can inform Swiftaid that it is adding Gift Aid to a donation beforehand to ensure it doesn’t get claimed twice.

  • One of Swiftaid’s core values as a company is to respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone.

    Donors authorise Swiftaid as a donor intermediary and their data is only ever used to process Gift Aid. Swiftaid doesn’t share Gift Aid declarations with charities but instead acts as a nominee on their behalf to submit claims directly to HMRC (or provide it to other intermediaries to solely use for the purpose of processing Gift Aid).

    Removing the need to share the data with charities keeps them outside GDPR requirements allowing even the smallest charity to benefit from the Gift Aid network.