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Dementia UK's Journey with Swiftaid’s Gift Aid Finder tool

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Dementia UK understand that increasing income is vitally important to the work they fund. But it’s just as important to ensure that any new way of generating income doesn’t put too much pressure on their current resources and never puts their data at risk.

These were two of the main concerns that Dementia UK had when they were first introduced to Swiftaid’s Gift Aid Finder.

Through communication with Swiftaid’s support team, Swiftaid were able to walk Dementia UK through its robust data process, including up-to-date Data Processing Agreements, secure data transfer protocols, and ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications, easing any concerns that existed.

In addition to this, Swiftaid’s Gift Aid Finder has been developed to make the user journey as simple as possible, with no technical integration or ongoing management needed. Because of this, Swiftaid’s solution reduces the admin time that is usually spent by the charity in recovering missed Gift Aid, rather than increasing it.

The first benefit is, of course, financial, as all charities welcome any extra money raised. However, the tool offers the additional bonus of saving our team valuable admin hours as it’s so easy to use. There were initial concerns around data security because businesses must now be so careful to protect themselves against data breaches and be sure they are not putting their customers’ data at risk. However, the Swiftaid team dispelled those concerns via email correspondence. Once they had reworded the contract to our specific situation and our DPO had completed due diligence, there was no hesitation from the team. We signed off the Gift Aid Tool internally and used it immediately, with little effort!

I would recommend it to other charities as a straightforward, safe way to gain extra income from Gift Aid donations and simplify their internal processes around reclaiming Gift Aid.

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