Why is Gift Aid missed?

Opportunity is reason #5 of the 6 main struggles charities face with Gift Aid, and how they can now use Swiftaid to solve each problem.

Why is Gift Aid missed? Reason 5 of 6: Opportunity

Some charities don’t apply for Gift Aid at all as they feel it is too much work to put a system in place to capture it. They need to be able to give their donors the opportunity to add Gift Aid to donations in a number of methods.

This has a knock-on effect, as sometimes donors simply don’t add Gift Aid because they aren’t given the opportunity to do so.

How Swiftaid creates opportunities

Once signed up with Swiftaid, charities are able to access Swiftaid marketing collateral to help them get their donors on board. The more donors on board with Swiftaid, the more opportunity they have to capture Gift Aid.

Once an eligible donor has linked their card with us, all of their contactless donations to charities that have signed up will have Gift Aid attached. Down the line, donors will have the opportunity to also link their phone number and direct debit information to their Swiftaid account to capture even more Gift Aid for their chosen causes.

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Team Swiftaid
Feb 09, 2020


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