Why is Gift Aid missed?

Fear is reason #3 of the 6 main struggles charities face with Gift Aid, and how they can now use Swiftaid to solve each problem.

Why is Gift Aid missed? Reason 3 of 6: Fear

Smaller charities are often staffed mainly by volunteers and are scared of dealing with tax and HMRC, claiming they don’t have the time or expertise to do so.

Because Gift Aid is linked with tax and HMRC, it’s understandable that donors feel wary of entering their details when filling in a declaration form. They are often worried about what information will be shared with HMRC in terms of their tax status, how much they earn and any debt that they owe. Although none of this information is shared, filling in paperwork every time a donation is made may heighten these feelings of paranoia.

How Swiftaid removes fear

Swiftaid deals with HMRC on behalf of the charity, taking care of all admin, including record keeping and auditing for HMRC.

HMRC will only receive the necessary information from the donor needed to process the Gift Aid itself. None of this information is passed onto the charity without the donors’ permission. This information consists of the following: First name, last name and home address.

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Team Swiftaid
Jan 27, 2020


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