Why is Gift Aid missed?

Error is reason #4 of the 6 main struggles charities face with Gift Aid, and how they can now use Swiftaid to solve each problem.

Why is Gift Aid missed? Reason 4 of 6: Errors

HMRC is trying to eliminate paper forms as they are still causing problems and slowing down the claiming process. Common errors are; rather than leaving boxes that aren’t being filled in blank (as the guidance states), charities are putting lines or “N/A” in the boxes. This causes problems when forms are being scanned. Also some charities are including additional correspondence where not permitted.

On paper forms donors have to enter their details carefully every time they submit a Gift Aid declaration. It’s not rare for information to be entered incorrectly or incoherently.

How Swiftaid removes room for error

Swiftaid removes any room for error as we deal with all submissions to HMRC. All processed claims are vetted and checked for eligibility prior to submission.

With a one-time donor sign up, the chance for errors reduces dramatically, details are verified before any claims are sent away for processing. Donors will also be able to refer to their Swiftaid dashboard to keep up to date with Gift Aid that has successfully been claimed by their charity, thanks to them.

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Team Swiftaid
Feb 02, 2020


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