Why is Gift Aid missed?

Contactless is reason #6 of the 6 main struggles charities face with Gift Aid, and how they can now use Swiftaid to solve each problem.

Why is Gift Aid missed? Reason 6 of 6: Contactless

Contactless is currently a black hole for a lot of charities in terms of adding Gift Aid to donations. Because of the nature of this method of giving it is extremely difficult to have a donor stop to fill in a form. Contactless terminals are often unmanned and placed to capture donations from flows of moving people. With fewer people carrying cash and more people making contactless card payments every day, many charities are beginning to notice that less and less Gift Aid is being captured.

Even if a donor, giving through contactless, wanted to add Gift Aid to their donation, it would be impossible without a technological system in place as the donation needs to be linked with the donor.

How Swiftaid adds Gift Aid to contactless donations

Swiftaid have made it possible for charities to claim Gift Aid on their contactless donations. The more donors that sign up, the more of that essential money will be captured.

Donors can link their card once, and then donate contactlessly to all of the charities that use Swiftaid, safe in the knowledge that the charity will receive the extra 25% on top of every donation that they make.

Introducing brand new processes into a system that has been in place for 30 years isn’t an easy task, but together with charities and donors we can make an astonishing impact by streamlining the process of Gift Aid. This will free up valuable time so that charities can focus on doing what they do best.

Just think of the good that charities could achieve with hundreds of millions more in funds each year. It’s possible, we just need to make it happen.

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Team Swiftaid
Feb 15, 2020


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