Why is Gift Aid missed?

Here’s reason #1 of the 6 main struggles that charities face when claiming Gift Aid, and how they can now use Swiftaid to wipe out each problem!

Why is Gift Aid missed? Reason 1 of 6: Awareness

Have you heard of Gift Aid? If so, are you confident that you know what it is, or how it works?

Research by HMRC shows that when questioned why Gift Aid wasn’t added to their donations 24% of donors that were asked, said that they had not heard of Gift Aid, and yet, this UK tax incentive has been around for 30 years!

For charities, spreading awareness and educating donors about Gift Aid can be a hefty process, and this plays a huge part in the £564m that goes unclaimed each year.

How Swiftaid increases awareness

Swiftaid is creating a network of donors. With nationwide campaigns such as the Great Gift Aid Hunt, there will be a huge focus on increasing awareness of the importance of adding Gift Aid to donations. Donors will not need to be endlessly prompted to add Gift Aid, they can sign up once and then have peace of mind in the knowledge that all future donations to any charity that has signed up with Swiftaid automatically has Gift Aid added.

As well as having lots of charities involved in spreading awareness, we are also making it easy for donors to do their part. Even those that aren’t eligible to add Gift Aid to their donations will be able to help by spreading the word to their friends and families with Swiftaid’s help.

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Team Swiftaid
Jan 10, 2020


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