TicketAid automates Gift Aid with Swiftaid

TicketAid comes towards Swifty

TicketAid beautifully ties event ticket purchasing with donations to good causes on their online platform. Reducing empty seats at West End shows, music and sporting events, whilst helping raise money for charities.

With the UK now into a new level of freedom, a team-up with Swiftaid couldn’t come at a better time for UK charities and donors using TicketAid, who are now benefiting from automated Gift Aid on all voluntary donations made through the site. With Swiftaid handling the entire Gift Aid process, an extra 25% on top of donations will go to charity at no extra cost or effort to donors and none of the typical paperwork burden on charities. So far, TicketAid has raised over £178,000 for charities, and now with the addition of Gift Aid, this impressive performance can only increase.

The automated Gift Aid network grows stronger with every donation service provider that joins through a simple integration with Swiftaid. More donors, charities and platforms on the network mean more support for good causes without them applying additional fundraising efforts.

Qualifying donations made to UK charities through platforms in the Gift Aid network are automatically boosted by 25%, helping donors make even more of a difference to charities at a time when it’s most needed.

“With the UK opening up, it’s great to see initiatives like TicketAid using technology and clever solutions to help those who need it most. Witnessing the Gift Aid network grow with each new integration makes us feel proud to be part of something that impacts charities in such a positive way. So far, it’s been great working with TicketAid and we’re excited to be supporting the charity sector together.”

Beth Michael - COO & Co-Founder, Swiftaid

“We’re constantly looking for ways to maximise the impact for our users and charity beneficiaries. Gift Aid is such an effective yet relatively underutilised way to ensure your donation goes even further with UK taxpayers seamlessly being able to add an additional 25% on top of their original donation, which makes such a difference to the charities. Using technology to remove the admin involved for charities who have had to manually submit these claims in the past, also means they can devote more time to the causes – a win win. Thanks to our partnership with Swiftaid, TicketAid is now one of the most complete and comprehensive online fundraising websites in the market. With charity auctions, raffles, ticket & merchandise sales, fundraising pages and charity initiatives to donate directly to, all now benefitting with the option to add Gift Aid, where applicable - TicketAid is a one-stop-shop for fundraising.“


About Swiftaid

Swiftaid (created by Streeva Ltd) was developed in partnership with the University of Surrey with InnovateUK funding in 2018 and was the first solution recognised by HMRC to add Gift Aid to contactless donations. To this day, Streeva is working closely with HMRC and the charity industry to expand the donation methods on which Gift Aid can be added automatically. Learn more about the ‘Future of Gift Aid’ project here. Soon all types of donation will be supported by Swiftaid and donors will be able to Gift Aid all their donations effortlessly, whether they are donating in a charity shop, giving via a text message or tapping a contactless box. Swiftaid works closely with HMRC to ensure best practice and compliance with Gift Aid and GDPR requirements.

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About TicketAid

TicketAid Ltd (a trading subsidiary of Refinitiv Charities - a registered grant-making charity in England & Wales, No.1182952) was established in 2019 following its social intrapreneurship success. Now an award-winning and recognised online fundraising website it works with organisations and individuals to maximise their fundraising potential. Known for collecting unused tickets to events, selling them at face value and passing on 100% of the proceeds to charity, 2020 saw them expand their fundraising functionality to cater for the immediate need, in the face of the pandemic, to get creative with online fundraising to ensure charities weren’t left behind, with resounding results. Their mission is to turn the wasted into the wanted, to fund the most needed. So whether that be auctioning off items to fund good causes, raising money from your latest adventure or adding a charitable angle to your creative projects, they want to help you live a little and give a little - turning your passion into progress.

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Team Swiftaid
Aug 31, 2021


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