St Albans Cathedral joins the network to automate Gift Aid

With donors’ help, St Albans Cathedral can start collecting Gift Aid on their contactless donations for the first time ever!

St Albans Cathedral

With an incredible history spanning centuries. From the humble beginnings as a small parish church, to the extraordinary transformation in 1877 when St Albans became the beautiful cathedral we see today. Standing majestic over the place where Alban, Britain’s first saint, was buried, in the county known for its unspoilt countryside, Herefordshire.

Support through donations is crucial for St Albans Cathedral to maintain this slice of history and to keep this amazing story alive. With the cathedral and their visitors joining a network that automatically boosts donations by 25%, there’s more hope for a bright future for St Albans.

The journey to automate Gift Aid has only just begun, Swiftaid is bringing the charity industry together to get more money to those who need it most without costing donors a penny. Connecting to the automated Gift Aid network will enable Gift Aid to flow effortlessly from donors to HMRC, and finally to charities like St Albans. With Swiftaid taking care of the entire process.

“Following the introduction of our new contactless donation points around the Cathedral building and for services, donors were quick to ask us how to Gift Aid their donations. Swift Aid provides an easy mechanism for donors to sign up their cards so they can Gift Aid their donations automatically. Contactless is now an important part of our visitor donations and we have seen increasing usage over the last six months. Although people can’t use our points right now because of COVID-19, contactless donations are likely to continue to grow in popularity, perhaps even more so because of COVID-19”

Tim Fleming - CFO, St Albans Cathedral

A network powered by the donor!

Gift Aid is an extremely valuable government scheme for charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). It allows charities and CASC’s to claim the basic rate of tax their donors have paid, increasing donations made by UK taxpayers by 25% at no extra cost to the generous donor. Currently, a staggering £564 million gets missed each year. Just imagine how much of an impact that amount of money would make on the many causes that are close to our hearts if they were to receive it. This money is sitting waiting to be unlocked and it has never been easier to set free!

1 minute can make more of a difference.

St Albans Cathedral are working with Swiftaid and the rest of the network of charities, donors and organisations to help reduce the millions of pounds that go unclaimed each year. Once a donor registers with Swiftaid, whenever they donate to any charities within the network, Gift Aid will automatically be attached. Donors will receive a statement of all their donations at the end of the year, giving higher/additional rate taxpayers the opportunity to benefit from further relief. Joining the network as a donor is easy, free, only needs to be done once and takes less time than drinking a cup of tea.

Swiftaid has created a solution to remove the burden of Gift Aid, and now they need donors’ support to make it happen. Together, we can help St Albans Cathedral and many other UK charities receive the life-changing amount of money that’s missed every year. Sign up for free today to start making a difference to the ones that need it most ❤️

Learn more about St Albans Cathedral here. and join the automated Gift Aid network here.

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Team Swiftaid
May 18, 2020


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