The clock is ticking for charities… There are only 3 weeks left for The Great Gift Aid Hunt!

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As the financial tax year comes to a close, charities have only three weeks left to take part in The Great Gift Aid Hunt. So if you haven't joined yet, now is the time!

Swiftaid’s brand-new initiative has already proven valuable for many charities, including The Eden Project, which has successfully found additional Gift Aid income using Swiftaid’s Gift Aid Finder.

“We partnered with Swiftaid after I attended a webinar on how it worked. If I am honest, I thought there must be a catch as the system seemed too good to be true! But we did a test recently with Swiftaid to see what the last 6 months may have accrued in missing Gift Aid and it was around £55,000. This is a significant chunk of money for us right now. We are going to assess the full 2022/23 year of declarations with Swiftaid’s help and see what the results are but whatever it is we know already that it will be a welcome injection of funds and a ray of sunlight for the charity.”

Rose Cashley-Field – The Eden Project

A staggering £564 million in Gift Aid is missed each year in the UK. That’s a huge amount of potential funding that could be going towards vital charitable causes. Swiftaid’s ‘Gift Aid Finder’, is unlocking this missed funding by helping charities match donations to 6 million UK taxpayers.

Millions of UK taxpayers have authorised Swiftaid to create Gift Aid declarations on their behalf, meaning that charities no longer need to ask donor’s for a declaration. Instead, they can simply check with Swiftaid. It’s that easy!

There’s nothing to lose; see if your charity can find more Gift Aid before the 26th April. 100% of charities using the Gift Aid Finder have found more Gift Aid.

Want to hear more about The Great Gift Aid Hunt and how Swiftaid’s new Gift Aid Finder works? Grab a cuppa and find out more using the links below:

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Charity Chat Podcast

Our CEO David Michael spoke to Rachael Conroy on the Charity Chat podcast about Gift Aid, some important deadlines and why Swiftaid think it’s important to work closely with HMRC.

Listen to the Podcast here
Webinar with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Swiftaid co-founders and siblings Beth and David, joined the CIOF’s Director of Policy and Communications, Daniel Fluskey, on a webinar to discuss how UK charities can claim their part of the £564 million in unclaimed Gift Aid.

Watch on YouTube here
Gift Aid Finder explainer video

Watch our short video explaining how The Gift Aid Finder by Swiftaid works and helps UK charities find more Gift Aid.

Watch on YouTube here
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Apr 05, 2023


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