The Natural History Museum partners with Swiftaid

The Natural History Museum start collecting Gift Aid on their contactless donations for the first time using Swiftaid!

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A partnership past and present

From Dippy the dinosaur and Hope the whale to prehistoric marine reptiles viewable in virtual reality, it’s not surprising that around 5 million people from all over the world visit the Natural History Museum (NHM) every year. The world-class institution is one of the UK’s most loved and leading tourist attractions, so you can understand why Swiftaid is thrilled to be working with such a prestigious charity.

Swiftaid and the Natural History Museum have worked together previously. At the end of 2018, they took over Visa’s innovation centre in Paddington where the NHM showcased their pioneering conservation work, including an exhibition of the famous Dippy on tour, to pilot Swiftaid, a solution that automates Gift Aid on digital donations. The pilot was a huge success, with Swiftaid gaining approval from HMRC to be the first solution to automate Gift Aid on contactless donations.

While many charities have been understandably slow to embrace digital fundraising, those who have pioneered and refined their collection model are seeing big returns. The NHM has raised over a million, so far, in contactless alone. Now with their partnership with Swiftaid, a potential 25% more can be raised at no extra cost to their donors or additional work to the charity themselves.

An amazing relationship that is powered by the donor!

Gift Aid is an extremely valuable government scheme for charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). It allows charities and CASC’s to claim the basic rate of tax their donors have paid, increasing donations made by UK taxpayers by 25% at no extra cost to the generous donor. So I’m sure you’ll agree it’s crazy to hear that a staggering £564 million gets missed each year. Just imagine how much of an impact that amount of money would make on the many causes that are close to our hearts if they were to receive it. This money is sitting waiting to be unlocked and it has never been easier to set free!

It only takes 1 minute to make more of a difference.

The NHM and Swiftaid are working together to help reduce the millions of pounds that go unclaimed each year. Once a donor registers with Swiftaid, whenever they donate to the NHM and the other charities that have teamed up with Swiftaid, Gift Aid will automatically be attached. Also, donors receive a statement of all their donations at the end of the year, giving higher/additional rate taxpayers the opportunity to benefit from further relief. It takes 1 minute for a donor to sign up and only needs to be done once, it can’t be more simple than that, surely!

Swiftaid has created a solution to remove the burden of Gift Aid, and now they need donors to make the real difference. Together, we can help the NHM and many other charities reach that life-changing amount of money that’s missed every year. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Set up an account for automatic Gift Aid today, and really start making a difference to the ones that need it most ❤️

Learn more about Natural History Museum here.

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Team Swiftaid
Apr 20, 2020


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