Momentpin is first to use Swiftaid's new Gift Aid API

Swiftaid is now helping charities claim Gift Aid on donations made through the Momentpin app!

Momentpin comes to Swiftaid

Security-enriched social network: Momentpin, have joined the automated Gift Aid network to raise more money for their charities. Momentpin’s family-friendly app offers a clean and secure eco-system for its users. They have been working hard on a new update for their app that goes live this week and is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“The new charity update is exciting and innovative. It is the worlds first in terms of being able to engage and then propagate the donation through a private social network.”

Nabeel Shaikh - CEO & Founder, Momentpin

Momentpin are the first to make use of Swiftaid’s new Gift Aid Application Programming Interface (API), which links them directly to the automated Gift Aid network of charities, donors and integrators. Embedding Swiftaid’s tech into the donation flow within their app means they can now sit back and relax when it comes to anything Gift Aid related, with the entire process from declaration building to filing claims all being handled by Swiftaid. They will also benefit from the unique power of the network; users that have signed up previously will be recognised by Swiftaid meaning Momentpin, the donor, and the charity won’t need to lift a finger as the Gift Aid will be added to all their donations automatically.

Only a few short weeks ago, the two teams came together on a video call to plan the project and begin working on the integration. Launch date of the application was just around the corner. The two startups set out on a joint mission of building a compliant Gift Aid solution into Momentpin’s donation flow, without a heavy impact on their user experience. After some back and forth with HMRC and hasty implementation of their suggested revisions, on April 16th the teams were delighted to have HMRC sign off on the process.

“The API documentation was clear, concise and it definitely supported an easy integration into the Swiftaid platform.”

Nabeel Shaikh - CEO & Founder, Momentpin

Developers can view Swiftaid’s new Gift Aid API documentation here.

Swiftaid is so excited to be working with Momentpin and looking forward to helping even more charities claim Gift Aid in ways they haven’t been able to before.

“Absolutely thrilled to release our new Gift Aid API feature with Momentpin, such a personable and professional team. We wish them all the best with their new and improved social app!”

David Michael - CEO, Swiftaid

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Team Swiftaid
May 26, 2020


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