Kynder automates Gift Aid with Swiftaid

Kynder comes towards Swifty

New app, Kynder, has joined forces with Swiftaid to offer charities automated Gift Aid on the first passive philanthropy fundraising platform. Allowing users to donate a percentage of their monthly spend to a chosen charity.

While hope increases for the UK to return to “normal”, UK charities are still under serious pressure. A CAF study found that 53% of UK charities said that charitable donations had decreased since the start of the pandemic crisis. Kynder is on a mission to bring hope to these charities with a new simple giving experience that enables supporters to regularly donate seamlessly as they go about their everyday lives.

For the first time ever, these micro-donations will be boosted with automated Gift Aid. Swiftaid, created by digital payment specialists Streeva – fully automates the Gift Aid process on charitable donations for both donors and charities.

A donor simply authorises Swiftaid, within the Kynder app, to create declarations on their behalf, so every time a micro-donation occurs Swiftaid will process the Gift Aid automatically without the donor or charity having to lift a finger. More than that, by integrating with Swiftaid, Kynder has become part of the automated Gift Aid network, allowing donors who have already authorised Swiftaid on another donation platform to enjoy automated Gift Aid with Kynder without having to do a thing.

According to Kynder, the average donation to charities is £10 via direct debit. With the Kynder app the average donation rises to £30, a 250% increase, and with Gift Aid, that donation can now amount to as much as £37.50.

Some of the amazing charities that Kynder works with include Mind, Variety the Children’s Charity, Wild at Heart Foundation and the Be Well Collective.

“There are so many new intuitive and diverse giving methods that struggle to benefit from Gift Aid, we created the Gift Aid network to significantly reduce what’s missed by applying Gift Aid automatically to even the smallest of donations. Traditional methods of giving are transitioning to keep up with the ever-changing economy we live in, so it’s vital that solutions exist to accommodate these changes, so it’s a real pleasure to be working with such a pioneering company, we look forward to supporting the charity sector together”

Beth Michael - COO & Co-Founder, Swiftaid

“With everything the charity sector has gone through in the past few years, finding smart ways to optimise the donation experience has never been more important. Through Swiftaid we are able to offer an incredible service to every charity and donor on our platform and give them a way to benefit from this incredible scheme without having to worry about where the resource would come from. This way we can make sure to maximise the value of every single donation, regardless of how small and as we like to say Do Good Recklessly“

Harry Mead – Founder of Kynder

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Team Swiftaid
Oct 28, 2021


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