Introducing The Great Gift Aid Hunt

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Today, we launch The Great Gift Aid Hunt campaign, with the aim to raise awareness for unclaimed Gift Aid and to find as much of the £564 million as possible.

Gift Aid is a valuable resource for UK charities, adding an extra £1.3 billion to donations each year. However, a significant amount of this potential funding goes unclaimed, with £564 million remaining unclaimed and another £180 million in erroneous claims. One of the main reasons for why it goes unclaimed is that donors were not given the opportunity to include Gift Aid at the time of making their donation.

As the cost of living continues to rise, charities are struggling to raise enough funds to meet the increasing demand for their services and support those in need. It is vital that charities take advantage of every available resource, including Gift Aid, in order to continue their important work.

More than ever, charities need to maximise the donations they have already received. Every year, over £2.2 billion is donated to charity without a Gift Aid declaration (GAD). Swiftaid is helping charities tackle this problem.

So far 100% of charities that have used the Gift Aid Finder have found more Gift Aid!

Swiftaid has been authorised by millions of donors to create Gift Aid declarations on their behalf. HMRC-registered charities can simply share donation information with Swiftaid’s Gift Aid Finder. Then using associated data, Swiftaid is able to match the donations to donors in its system and create Gift Aid declarations, ensuring charities receive the full amount of Gift Aid.

If a match is found, a declaration is created, and Gift Aid will be added, boosting the donation by 25%. However, it is important to note that Swiftaid can only add Gift Aid for the current tax year. After the 26th April, collecting Gift Aid will become a more inefficient process for charities.

Get involved today and join The Great Gift Aid Hunt.

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Team Swiftaid
Feb 21, 2023


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