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A lot has been happening behind the scenes at Swiftaid. New integrators have been joining the network to help charities collect Gift Aid on donations made through their systems without them having to lift a finger.

People are putting +25% heart tokens inside a giant Gift Aid money box

Here is a little snippet about each of the amazing companies that have partnered with Swiftaid to improve how Gift Aid works for everyone. They share an understanding of how crucial it is for charities to receive all the help they can get, especially now, at a time where support is never more needed.

GoodBox Logo
Charities have seen a massive boost of 64% in their donation income when using GoodBox terminals. Today GoodBox supplies over 1,500 charities with contactless devices helping them collect £4m in donations so far! GoodBox were the first to adopt and demonstrate the automated Gift Aid solution through their contactless terminals back in Nov 2018. To this day the brilliant GoodBox team continues to work closely with Swiftaid, using their combined expertise to innovate new ways to help charities even more.

Momentpin Logo
Over at Momentpin headquarters the wonderful team have worked hard to create a social network built with security in mind. Their app connects the charity appeal to the donor within a platform free of adverts. They were the first to incorporate Swiftaid’s solution into an app, giving their charities and donors a Gift Aid process that is all taken care of for them.

RBC Group Logo
RBC Group are fresh on the scene, eager to help charities collect donations in an ever-growing cashless society. Charities can now benefit from automated Gift Aid through their brand new URGiving donation kiosks. Each device comes complete with a revolutionary integration of touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers to help protect their donors.

Every integration is a huge celebration for Swiftaid. As well as having more companies involved in the mission to automate Gift Aid, each new connection brings further refinement of the Gift Aid API (application programming interface).

Swiftaid are continually thrilled to hear from new integrators that share a mutual mission of helping charities receive more through simple fundraising and automated Gift Aid. Would you like to become our next integrator? Find out how you can get involved here.

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Team Swiftaid
Sep 01, 2020


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