3 reasons why verifying donor information when adding Gift Aid is important for your charity

Swifty is looking closely at donor information

1. Accuracy

Donor data verification ensures that the information provided by donors, such as their names and addresses, is accurate and up to date. By verifying the data, charities can minimise errors and ensure that the correct information is used for processing Gift Aid claims.

2. Compliance

Verification of donor data helps charities maintain compliance with Gift Aid regulations. By confirming the accuracy and legitimacy of donor information, charities can ensure that they are claiming Gift Aid only for eligible donations and taxpayers. This helps prevent fraudulent claims and ensures that the Gift Aid process is carried out in accordance with HMRC requirements.

3. Increased claim rate

When donor data is verified, the chances of successfully claiming Gift Aid are higher. By having accurate information on hand, charities can confidently submit claims to HMRC without concerns about incorrect or outdated data. This leads to an increased claim rate, maximising the amount of Gift Aid funds received.

Overall, donor data verification plays a vital role in processing Gift Aid by ensuring accuracy, compliance and higher claim rates.

Swiftaid verifies the eligibility of all donors during the registration process, ensuring that the information provided by donors aligns with HMRC’s Gift Aid requirements. Swiftaid’s robust donor information validation gives charities the assurance they need when matching received donations to Swiftaid donors.

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Team Swiftaid
Jul 04, 2023


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