£560m is missed by UK charities every year!

Charities, donors and businesses join the automated Gift Aid network to help solve this problem once and for all!

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Contactless Gift Aid in 50 seconds 🍿


Every year UK Charities miss out on over half a billion pounds because Gift Aid is missed

Swiftaid’s mission is to create more opportunities for donors to add Gift Aid to their donations, starting with contactless. By taking care of the entire process, including record keeping and auditing required by HMRC. Charities will have more time to focus on what they do best - making the world a better place ❤️

Why is Gift Aid missed?

Charities currently have to jump through a number of hoops to procure Gift Aid. For smaller charities, without suitable systems in place, this can only be done manually. They need to make sure all data is protected under the GDPR and recorded correctly for HMRC.

Swiftaid helps by taking care of the entire Gift Aid claiming process for charities, including record keeping and auditing for HMRC.
Because Gift Aid is linked with tax and HMRC, charities have concerns about fines if they claim incorrectly, and donors can be concerned Gift Aid will be used by HMRC as a way of looking into their tax affairs.

For peace of mind, Swiftaid checks to make sure all donations going through the system are eligible for Gift Aid and only shares information with HMRC that’s necessary to process Gift Aid.
Paper forms cause problems and slow down the Gift Aid claiming process. Common errors are; rather than leaving boxes that aren’t being filled in blank (as the guidance states), charities are putting lines or “N/A” in the boxes. This causes problems when forms are being processed by HMRC.

Swiftaid completely removes the need for paper forms and the likelihood of mistakes with its one-time digital sign up flow. Providing donors enter their name and address correctly – There should never be a reason for error!
Spreading awareness and educating donors about Gift Aid can be a hefty process. Awareness plays a huge part in the £564m that goes unclaimed each year. This UK tax relief has been around for over 30 years, and yet, when donors are asked why Gift Aid wasn’t added to their donations, 24% say they had not even heard of Gift Aid!

As well as processing Gift Aid, Swiftaid will help charities and donors spread awareness for Gift Aid. Charities registered with Swiftaid also benefit from a network of donors. For example, if a donor registers with Swiftaid to boost donations at one charity, they won’t need to register with Swiftaid again to boost donations at other charities registered with the service.
Some charities don’t apply for Gift Aid, as they feel it will be too much work to put a compliant systems in place that helps donors Gift Aid their donations.

Swiftaid helps by creating more opportunities for donors to Gift Aid their donations with ease, no matter how or where they choose to donate.

How Swiftaid works

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim the basic rate tax already paid on donations, boosting each one by 25% at no extra cost to the donor. If you pay tax in the UK, you can register with Swiftaid for free to add Gift Aid to your contactless donations. It only takes a minute and you only need to do it once ☝


Privacy & Security

Swiftaid is recognised by HMRC and regulated by the FCA. By using Swiftaid, no one will see your earnings, tax status or bank accounts. Your data will never be shared with anyone else, including causes you donate to, without your explicit consent.

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