Automate Gift Aid on donations

Swiftaid is an all-in-one automated Gift Aid service that enables fundraising providers to offer a fully automated Gift Aid experience to their charities and donors.

Donation platforms using Swiftaid

Β£564m of Gift Aid isn’t reaching UK charities each year!

Missed opportunities and processing errors contribute to Gift Aid being missed, together we can fix this!


Together we are building the future of Gift Aid

Swiftaid is collaborating with industry leaders on The Future of Gift Aid project: to automate Gift Aid and transform the charitable sector in the most meaningful way in thirty years.

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Who can automate Gift Aid?


Charities sign up and benefit from automated Gift Aid on donations made through any source linked to their Swiftaid account.

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Integrators can offer charities a fully automated Gift Aid solution through their service with Swiftaid.

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Donors sign up once to automate Gift Aid on donations to charities that use Swiftaid.

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How does Swiftaid work?

It's a faster, better, easier way to Gift Aid

Swiftaid is an automated Gift Aid network that enables Gift Aid to flow effortlessly from donors, to HMRC, to charities.

βœ… Matches a donor to their donation
βœ… Creates a Gift Aid declaration
βœ… Sends a claim to HMRC
βœ… Keeps a record of all declarations and claims
βœ… GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim the basic rate of tax that has already been paid on donations, boosting each one by 25% at no extra cost to the donor.

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