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"I would highly recommend Swiftaid, for any charity – large and small."

– Tara Honeywell, Barnardos

Swiftaid makes Gift Aid collection easier for charities of all sizes.

From finding Gift Aid on donations you already have to helping with claiming Gift Aid and reducing admin, discover the ways your charity can use Swiftaid.

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Millions of donors and hundreds of charities already use Swiftaid

"I would highly recommend Swiftaid, for any charity – large and small. The ease of using the product and its ability to identify unclaimed Gift Aid, with very limited resource required from the charities, makes this a hugely valuable initiative."

– Tara Honeywell, Barnardos

"Thanks to Swiftaid, we are in a far better position to claim Gift Aid on donations from wonderful supporters that would otherwise remain unclaimed or else use valuable resource to manually follow up."

– Rebekah Severn, Noah's Ark Children's Hospice

Ways your charity can use Swiftaid:

Find Gift Aid on donations your charity has already collected

Send Swiftaid any Gift Aid qualifying donations your charity has collected over the current tax year to find Gift Aid that was previously missed.

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Collect Gift Aid on donations through your charity website

With a simple API integration let Swiftaid take care of all the Gift Aid admin.

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Collect Gift Aid through platforms using Swiftaid

Enjoy automated Gift Aid on a number of platforms and services already partnering Swiftaid's seamless system.

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Gift Aid claiming service

Swiftaid can handle the Gift Aid claiming process for your charity. Send us declarations and donations to enjoy less admin.

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What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim the basic rate of tax that has already been paid on donations, boosting each one by 25% at no extra cost to the donor.

Learn more about donating to charity in the UK here

Find out if you qualify to add Gift Aid to your donations here

Frequently asked questions

  • Donors only need to sign up once and reauthorise once a year to automate Gift Aid declarations on all donations made through any supported platforms.

    Swiftaid supports a network of donors and charities and platforms. If a donor joins the network through another charity or platform; Gift Aid will automatically be added to any donations made to your charity.

    Each tax year, donors are asked to ensure their details are up to date and reauthorise Swiftaid to create declarations on their behalf. Donors can simply reauthorise Swiftaid when donating through any supported platform or within their Swiftaid account.

  • Swiftaid was established with initial funding from an Innovate UK grant and equity investment. The pricing model for Swiftaid’s partners, which include donation platforms, charities, and integrators, is based on the value of Gift Aid processed:

    • For each live donation where Swiftaid creates a Gift Aid declaration, partners are charged a fee of 5% plus VAT of the Gift Aid value.
    • For donations matched retrospectively through the Gift Aid Finder service, the fee is 10% plus VAT of the Gift Aid value. Donors themselves are not subject to any fees when using Swiftaid.

    Donors themselves are not subject to any fees when using Swiftaid.

    You can learn more about our pricing for charities and donation platforms by visiting our pricing page here.

  • Swiftaid will only add Gift Aid to donations that the charity has warranted. The charity can inform Swiftaid that it is adding Gift Aid to a donation beforehand to ensure it doesn’t get claimed twice.

  • One of Swiftaid’s core values as a company is to respect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone.

    Donors authorise Swiftaid as a donor intermediary and their data is only ever used to process Gift Aid. Swiftaid doesn’t share Gift Aid declarations with charities but instead acts as a nominee on their behalf to submit claims directly to HMRC (or provide it to other intermediaries to solely use for the purpose of processing Gift Aid).

    Removing the need to share the data with charities keeps them outside GDPR requirements allowing even the smallest charity to benefit from the Gift Aid network.

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